Touch-IT Touchscreen Gloves for touchscreen devices

AA Touch iT Gloves are the best solution for all the touchscreen device users in a bitterly cold weather. The gloves have a special conductive material woven into the fabric that allow you to use your touchscreen device whilst keeping your fingers toasty warm. The glove looks and feels like an ordinary winter glove but has a unique patented product at the tips allowing touch screen interaction without having to remove the glove. This makes it a perfect winter accessory.


  • Touch iT gloves with special conductive material interwoven into fingertips
  • Use your touchscreen devices whilst wearing the gloves
  • Allows flawless navigation through your device
  • Compatible with iPad/iPhone and devices with capacitive touchscreens
  • Touch iT gloves will not scratch or damage your screen
  • Easy to clean. Just wash in water and reshape whilst damp
  • A perfect winter accessory
  • Weight 50g