Advanced Accessories GRIP-IT Bicycle Holder for Phones and SAT NAVs is an easy way to securely fasten your mobile phone to the handle bar or frame of your bicycle whilst out on a ride. The holder has 360º rotating plate for positioning your device, coupled with a fully adjustable frame grip and moveable directional ball joint means that you can easily attach the holder to your required position with ease.


Mobile Phone Holder Features

  • Specially designed for the specified model
  • 360º rotating plate
  • Easy to install, Click and Go
  • Ready to attach, no tools required
  • Lightweight high tension plastic design

Universal holder compatible with almost any phone model or SAT NAV and available for specific models listed below

Nokia C7

iPhone 4

iPhone 3G/3GS

HTC Desire HD

Samsung i9000 Galaxy S

Advanced Accessories GRIP-IT Windscreen holder is specially designed to fit various modern day gadgets i.e Sat Navs, MP3/MP4, PDA's etc. Its unique retractable claw design grips securely and opens approx 10cm wide, which is enough to hold most devices. The claw rotates 360 degrees to a vertical position so slightly bigger devices such as PSP, larger phones etc can fit in. Includes a built in photograph slot.


Holder Details

  • -Adjustable claws which open 10cm wide and rotates 360 degrees
  • -Adjustable gooseneck ribbed pipe
  • -Powerful suction with release switch
  • -Easy installation and removal
  • -Includes retractable brackets
  • -Optional air vent clips included
  • -Lightweight and durable
  • -Suitable for many modern day gadgets i.e Sat Navs, mobile phones, PDA's, MP3/MP4 players etc

Available for latest and most popular phones

Available for different phones
Grip-IT NON Slip mat

Advanced Accessories GRIP-IT High Friction Non-Slip Mat magically holds your mobile phones, PDA, glasses or directions in place on yours car's dashboard. Simple and no adhesives or magnets. Non Slip mat keeps small items safe from falling off sloping dashboards even turning the sharpest corners. Wipe dashboard clean of dust before use. If the Non-Slip Mat gets dusty it will not be as effective, simply wipe with damp cloth to make it as good as new.



  • Keeps your items safe from falling off sloping dashboards even turning the sharpest corners.
  • Works with mobile phones, sunglasses, coins, cigarettes, pens, pocket books etc.
  • Turns into a sunshade when you stick it to your window.
  • Non-Slip mat can be used in cars, trucks, RVs and boats etc.
  • Weight 35g


In the event of an accident objects placed on the mat may become airborne. Never use the Non-Slip mat to hold sharp or heavy objects.

Display Holders

Advanced Accessories Crystal clear mobile phone display holder made from plastic. Ideal for shop displays and rotating cabinets or stands. Almost invisible to the eye when a phone is placed on them.